Meet the Winners: Idle Gitcoin Grants 2021

The wait is over! We’ve now reviewed all the projects and we are ready to announce the winners of the Idle Gitcoin Grants 2021. But first, a recap: this initiative came out from a cross-joint collaboration between Gitcoin and the Pilot League, also matched by DeFi protocols BarnBridge, 88mph, BadgerDAO. The worldwide digital competition has been a great opportunity to expand protocol integrations while onboarding technical contributors in the Idle Governance process and development.

The grants had a total of three categories: Tranches Strategies, On-Top Strategies, and Open DeFi Track. The competition received 9 applications, and 4 projects made the final cut.

The judging committee is formed by the Pilot League, and some special credits go to Idle Labs CTO William for supporting hackathon participants and getting into the code review process for each submission.

Now, without further ado, let’s announce the winners: *drumroll*

Tranches POC

On-Top Strategies

  • Winner [400 IDLE] Cream DAI strategy by sunny: this strategy allows to deposit DAI into Cream Finance. With further improvements and tests, it might become a downstream lender for idleDAI Best-Yield strategy.

Open DeFi Dev

  • Winner [450 IDLE] Alpha homora strategy by shota-masuda-onibakuchi: this wrapper adds AlphaHomora v1 as an available downstream lender for idleETH Best-Yield strategy. Honorable mention for the most comprehensive application.
  • 2nd prize [50 IDLE] Curve strategy by sunny: this strategy allows to deposit DAI into DAI/USDC/USDT Pool. With some work, this integration could evolve into a downstream lender for idleDAI Best-Yield strategy.

The judging committee worked hard to provide feedback to all candidates, and builders have been already rewarded for their works.

These grants are the initial step for their implementation journey. We recommend Gitcoin participants and DeFi builders stick around the Idle community: both winners and external developers can submit their ideas in the forum to aspire for extra funding. The Grant Program incentivizes and funds projects that add value to the Idle ecosystem. The protocol can offer tech support via #Dev Discord channel, community feedback, and exposure in the DeFi space.

If you didn’t win or missed the opportunity to participate in this hackathon, don’t fret, this is our very first one and we’re so pleased, humbled, and excited about the results we’ll be soon back with more!

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