Idle | Yield Farming Upgrade

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New Features

Multi-Protocol Yield Farming

In the last couple of months, yield farming opportunities have been an exploding new trend in the DeFi ecosystem. However, its complexity turned away many users due to the time and cost needed to do it efficiently.

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Gas Optimization for Deposit/Redeem

The main hassle for DeFi users in the last few months has definitely been the very high gas cost. Since Idle protocol interacts with different protocol in the ecosystem, depositing and redeeming tends to be a costly transaction.

Security & Audits

As per every new Idle protocol update, we went through an incremental audit with Quantstamp. Here you can find our latest report.

Decentralized Governance Iteration

Finally, we want to introduce the community to the $IDLE Token Distribution Model.

Sustainable Business Model

In the long run, the $IDLE token’s value will be determined by its ability to capture sustainable cash flows from the platform. Bearing that in mind, we are now implementing a performance fee for Idle strategies.

Retroactive Liquidity Mining

Finally, we want to reward our early customers. Providing liquidity to Idle will be retroactively rewarded, more details will follow in the next couple of weeks.

Wrap Up and Next Steps

This is just the beginning of Idle in the yield farming realm. We will be working on new additions, yield strategies, and LPs tools.

  • ☂️ Built-in insurance service
  • 🧩 New supported protocols

Stay in the loop

We’re building Idle for the Ethereum ecosystem and its great community. We’d love for you to be part of our development process.

We are tokeninzing the best interest rate across different lending protocols on the Ethereum money market.

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