Idle v3.0 is (a)Live!

Brief History

The last release of Idle was a roaring success: the community provided over 200,000 DAI in less than two weeks. With now a +900% growth on the AUM, Idle is growing organically and at an impressive pace.

  1. Users must be able to lend a broader range of stablecoins through Idle
  2. Users must be able to choose an allocation strategy suitable to their risk appetite
  3. Interest rates spectrum must be widened to cover most of the Ethereum money markets

Idle v3.0

Idle now consists of a smart contract architecture that allows to separately store funds, submit new allocations, and granularly manage different lending protocols. It allows us to keep this solution non-custodial and fully transparent, but at the same time to easily manage new tokens or additional protocols upgrades.

LPs’ Dashboard Interface

This is our renewed users dashboard, where anyone can start earning interest on their funds and manage their stablecoins portfolio right away:

  1. Select the stablecoins you want to lend
  2. Deposit your funds and immediately start earning the highest interest rate or the best risk-adjusted interest rate, depending on the chosen strategy
  3. Monitor your funds’ performance, current allocations, and portfolio composition

Idle Allocation Strategies

Our flagship strategy, the yield-optimizer, combines multiple money markets to provide interest rates that beat the best traditional offerings across the interest-bearing tokens and DeFi protocols.

New Protocols & Tokens Aggregation

Other than auto-rebalancing funds across DeFi protocols, another benefit for our users is yield aggregation. This feature vastly improves liquidity providers' activity. Instead of directly interacting with the liquidity layer, it allows a holistic experience.

Security-Oriented Protocol

At Idle, we want to prioritize security even if it’s going to slow down our development process. In DeFi, you only have one shot and there’s not really a silver bullet to protect you.

Wrap Up and Next Steps

Lending was just the beginning. DeFi money markets are the first ones that erased the barriers for seamlessly moving between different financial instruments. And that’s why we started with them for our aggregation journey.

  • Improved fiat on/off ramps experience thanks to our long list of fiat-bridge providers
  • AMM pools implementation (aka stablecoins swappers)
  • A more safe version of IdleTokens with bundled insurance
  • A fixed-weights IdleTokens, which acts as a tokenized version of SOLR (Secured OnDemand Lending Rate)
  • Innovative LPs services to start making your accrued interest work for you

Keep yourself updated

We’re building Idle for the Ethereum ecosystem and its great community. We’d love for you to be part of our development process.

Earn the yield you deserve without worrying about finding the best option, whether you want to optimize returns or risks.