Build the Yield: Idle+ETHGlobal

Idle is sponsoring ETHGlobal event #Hackmoney 2021, one of the biggest hackathons in the Defi space.

This is a 3-week long virtual and global event, where devs, buidlers, and creators unleash their creativity and compete for $200,000+ prizes.

In addition to funding support, this is your chance to prove your coding skills, expand your network, find new teammates, and launch innovative projects.

The event takes place from June 18th to July 9th, 2021.

Idle is a decentralized yield aggregator and rebalancing protocol, which seeks the best yields across multiple yield sources.

The protocol allows integrators to focus on their key value proposition, simplifying the access to yield-generating products.

Idle protocol acts as a bridge between integrators and battle-tested lending primitives like Aave and Compound, providing the following benefits:

  • Best rates available on the market, thanks to the Dynamic Allocation Mechanism
  • Profit boost thanks to the accrual of liquidity mining incentives ($COMP, $stkAAVE)
  • Direct involvement & ownership of Idle protocol with the $IDLE liquidity mining program
  • Access to secure and solid lending pools
  • Extensive protocol security, with 5 audits and a $500k bug bounty program
  • No need to stitch together and maintain multiple lending protocols and yield sources, you can focus on building out your value proposition and interface for your users

The Best-yield strategy deploys capital in Aave (v1 & v2), Compound, and dYdX, supporting a large range of assets: DAI, USDC, USDT, TUSD, sUSD, WBTC, WETH.

Idle will reward the best projects with a total prize of $4,000. You are invited to propose novel approaches, build composable products and proceed with integrations.

Here below we list some ideas:

  • Integrate IdleStrategies in another protocol/dApp (Harvest example | GitHub, Enzyme example | Docs, WasabiX example | GitHub, Yearn Finance GitHub)
  • Integrate Idle FlashLoans (borrowing without any collateral if the amount and all the fees are included in the returning transactions; some use cases could be: arbitrage, liquidations, collateral swaps, and more..)
  • Build products on top of Idle (e.g. a contract that automatically reinvest interest in another token)

This event is your chance to join the Idle family: receive additional economic support (Idle Grant Program) and assistance from our Leagues to move your project/integration in production, earn up to 50% of the generated fees via B2B program, and start the journey to join the Dev League as core developer (with monthly salaries ranging from $4k to $11k!)

If you want to get more inspiration, understand what’s the architecture of the protocol and brainstorm on some cool ideas that can be built on-top of Idle protocol, here’s a video from Matteo, Idle Labs CEO and founder of Idle Protocol and DAO:

Join us in #dev-support on Discord to ask questions, brainstorm ideas, and test your assumptions.

Integrators and technical documentation:

Earn the yield you deserve without worrying about finding the best option, whether you want to optimize returns or risks.