Idle partners up with regulated custodian service Finoa to offer secure asset management to IDLE token holders.

With traditional financial businesses increasingly joining the crypto and DeFi world, there’s a growing demand for reliable and professional custody services.

This demand to safeguard cryptocurrency assets comes from regulated financial institutions that need professional infrastructure to store private keys. While there are many solutions for individual key management, those activities are out of business scope for those stakeholders, which do not want to take the risks of personally setting up the custody.

Custodians represent the right fit also for compliance reasons, helping…

Simplified accounting and frictionless deposits with Biconomy integration

The integration of Biconomy into the Idle website would allow Idle liquidity providers to get access to frictionless and gasless transactions on DAI and USDC Best-Yield pools.

New users that interact with the DeFi world for the first time have often issues understanding how the Ethereum network works, and they approach Idle protocol owning a single asset.

This misunderstanding generates frictions, with users spending extra gas in swapping part of the assets in ETH to pay the transaction fees.

With this new implementation, Idle proposes a seamless onboarding process. …

Idle partners with Nexus Mutual in pushing for institutional-class covered yield

TLDR: In less than 24 hours since the launch of the Shield Mining campaign, Yield Token Covers on IdleDAI and idleUSDT raised 7.5m $DAI as liquidity and the yearly cost reached the minimum value of 2.6%.

Idle DAO partnered up with Nexus Mutual to launch Yield Token coverages on DAI and USDT pools.

Idle has always demonstrated particular attention to security, engaging with professional auditing firms (5 audits), and releasing a series of risk management procedures (e.g. DeFiScore framework, $500k bug bounty program, Integration Standard Requirements) to make the…

This how-to article guides you through the DAI and USDT coverage purchase without KYC.

Idle DAO partnered with Nexus Mutual and launched Yield Token coverages on Best-Yield idleDAI and idleUSDT pools.

If your yield-bearing token de-pegs in value by more than 10%, claim up to 90% of your loss by swapping your yield-bearing token for claim payment.

More info on the Yield Token Cover here.

How to purchase the Nexus Mutual coverage

The coverage purchase is available in the Tool section of the dashboard.

The interface allows you to select which asset you wish to cover (idleDAIYield/idleUSDTYield).

The Payment asset field represents the method of payment used…

We are pleased to announce that $IDLE is now live to trade and stake on the Bancor decentralised exchange.

Bancor is a decentralised exchange that allows Liquidity Providers (LPs) to stake single assets in a pool and earn trading fees. The BancorDAO community recently voted to whitelist the IDLE/BNT pool with a 200k BNT co-investment, allowing $IDLE holders to stake their $IDLE in the pool and earn trading fees in $IDLE with no risk of impermanent loss. Grow your $IDLE stack simply and safely.

Since Bancor launched its v2.1 in late 2020, Liquidity Providers have been able to provide single-sided. A key feature within the v2.1 …

We love our community, and we want to spread the love!

Show us your favorite thing about Idle with a meme. Win the awards in $IDLE tokens — 35 of them are up for grabs.

Let’s get this meme train going. All aboard! 🚂


Total of 35$IDLE to be awarded among 3 finalists! Voting will take place over 3 days after the competition is done and 3 finalists are chosen.


  • 🥇: 20 $IDLE
  • 🥈: 10 $IDLE
  • 🥉: 5 $IDLE

How to apply?

  • Use Idle logos (found here) and create your meme using the theme “Describe Idle to your friend who’s never heard…

The waiting has come to an end, staking just got real!

The Idle Leagues worked around the clock to add more innovative token use cases, and today we are happy to unveil $IDLE staking.

IDLE is now a governance token with a value accrual mechanism. Users that lock $IDLE for a flexible period (up to 4 years) will get access to a fee-sharing stream.

Governance voted to distribute 50% of the protocol’s revenue streams to stakers in the form of $IDLE, increasing protocol ownership and Governance involvement of $stkIDLE holders.

In this short step-by-step guide, you can learn how to join the staking program and increase your involvement in Idle protocol:

  • First, connect the wallet to the Idle dashboard.
  • Click on the “Stake” option on the left-hand bar and select “IDLE Token”
  • Approve the staking contract to be able to stake your $IDLE

Idle is sponsoring ETHGlobal event #Hackmoney 2021, one of the biggest hackathons in the Defi space.

This is a 3-week long virtual and global event, where devs, buidlers, and creators unleash their creativity and compete for $200,000+ prizes.

In addition to funding support, this is your chance to prove your coding skills, expand your network, find new teammates, and launch innovative projects.

The event takes place from June 18th to July 9th, 2021.

Idle as funding layer of your project

Idle is a decentralized yield aggregator and rebalancing protocol, which seeks the best yields across multiple yield sources.

The protocol allows integrators to focus on their key…

The Idle Governance and Pilot League committee are excited to start the B2B Affiliation Program officially.

Program Outline

Starting from today (April 23rd, 2021), partners integrated with Idle will get additional $IDLE rewards as a share of the fees generated on the protocol.

Partners can join the program anytime, and receive up to 50% of the generated fees by embedding their referral wallet into deposits routed via their product. The Treasury League will periodically execute reward transfers, which will then be replaced by an automated on-chain fee-sharing mechanism.

The program started its journey as a community discussion in the governance forum, and…


Earn the yield you deserve without worrying about finding the best option, whether you want to optimize returns or risks.

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