The Idle Governance and Pilot League committee are excited to start the B2B Affiliation Program officially.

Program Outline

Partners can join the program anytime, and receive up to 50% of the generated fees by embedding their referral wallet into deposits routed via their product. The Treasury League will periodically execute reward transfers, which will then be replaced by an automated on-chain fee-sharing mechanism.

The program started its journey as a community discussion in the governance forum, and…

The wait is over! We’ve now reviewed all the projects and we are ready to announce the winners of the Idle Gitcoin Grants 2021. But first, a recap: this initiative came out from a cross-joint collaboration between Gitcoin and the Pilot League, also matched by DeFi protocols BarnBridge, 88mph, BadgerDAO. The worldwide digital competition has been a great opportunity to expand protocol integrations while onboarding technical contributors in the Idle Governance process and development.

The grants had a total of three categories: Tranches Strategies, On-Top Strategies, and Open DeFi Track. …

The Idle bug bounty program is live!

The governance fortifies the protocol’s security by launching a program on Immunefi, a bug bounty platform for smart contracts and DeFi projects, where security researchers review code, disclose vulnerabilities and make crypto safer.

Thanks to the Armor Alliance bug bounty challenge, rewards up to $500’000 are allocated for critical vulnerabilities. The Idle bug bounty program would now be the 6th highest on Immunefi!

The Idle protocol’s smart contracts passed through 4 full audits by Quantstamp, and the security focus has always shaped the product development strategy. The need for a structured incentivization mechanism…

Idle Governance system is a DAO that pursues different key activities to ensure proper maintenance and evolution of the protocol in the years to come. The Governance is in charge of the business, tech, legal, and administrative areas, which usually in real-world companies are represented by departments.

A company's mission is generally to reach new markets, increase revenues, reward contributors and stakers, and avoid cash burnout.

In the current DAO implementations, roles are not defined from the beginning. Token holders are supposed to vote on several categories of polls (e.g., technical, governance, budgeting).

However, as reported in the SoV-reign model…

The DeFi ecosystem has witnessed exponential growth during the last few months, passing from a TVL of $15 billion up to $40 billion. Lending services are leading the rank, managing 40% of the deposited asset.

In this context, Idle has been providing a suite of consistently high-yield pools for stablecoins and WBTC. As the most liquid asset in DeFi, and supported by industry leaders like Maker, Compound, and Aave for a total of $8.5 billion deposits, implementing idleWETH felt like a natural evolution. In retrospect, it was inevitable.

The Idle Governance already acknowledged this integration as a priority and included…

Money should never sit still. And in 2020, money hasn’t definitely sat still for DeFi and Idle.

We are approaching the end of the year and this article provides a recap of what the core team and community, the Idle governance, achieved so far in these amazing (yet tough, globally) 12 months.

One year ago we were brainstorming with early LPs and users about ways to improve capital efficiency in DeFi, trying to aggregate and optimize across as many primitives as possible.

The mission to provide an effective capital allocation was clearly defined in our first post of the year.

This article analyzes the events and consequences of the minor bug found in Idle protocol and the related fix.

Fix Timeline

  • MRKWHG, an Idle user and community member, informed the Idle team about a misallocation of IDLE tokens in the dashboard, as the amount of the day before was slightly higher than the day after. He also provided some example transactions and more details about the odd behavior.
  • Idle team started the inspection and immediately alerted Quantstamp about the inquiry.
  • Both teams worked side-by-side to investigate the issue, identifying the vulnerability and working on the off-chain temporary mitigation patch.

Welcome to Idle Weekly Beats, your regular dose of updates 📢, new features 🤖, and announcements from our team and community 👪

📅 Core Beats

  • Idle’ strategies portfolio now available on DeBank
  • USDC Idle strategy on Yearn v2 is live for testing with Citadel on Test Vaults
  • A minor bug, already mitigated, has been found in the distribution of gov tokens
  • Now you can track the TVL of Idle in DeFi Pulse
  • This PR could enable Idle integration into Curve Finance

🏛 Governance Updates

Today, Idle embarks on a journey to fulfill our vision of a globally available decentralized capital pool, operated by a community-based administration of the protocol.

The Idle protocol is now governed by a DAO powered by the IDLE token, which promotes key activities to ensure a proper protocol’s maintenance and improvements in the years to come. This decentralized network governs and manages the strategic decisions of the protocol, enabling community participants to drive and contribute to the protocol’s future developments.

The DeFi ecosystem has defined new scalability approaches, focusing on transparent and decentralized protocol management, where builders are rewarded for…

The unveiled Idle’s Governance model is designed to embrace an impartial and trust-minimized way to supervise and operate the protocol. After releasing the initial model, we proudly saw our community letting us hear its voice, with feedback, suggestions, and constructive discussions.

Thanks to this vibrant participation, we decided to iterate on the model.

Community feedback incentivized us to fine-tune the distribution plan. We rolled up our sleeves and, with our partners and collaborators, we designed a token economy that aims to align the interests of passive users, active contributors, and the core team.

We are proud to introduce the outcome…


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